Therapist Sign Up Checklist

Therapist Contractor File Requirements

Therapist Contractor File Requirements - Rehab Action, Inc. Home Health Therapy

  1. Resume
  2. IRS W9 (return all pages)
  3. If you have an LLC or Corp & are Worker's Comp exempt, please send your certificate.
  4. Social Security Card
  5. Driver License - Issued from ANY US State (picture to pdf, not photocopy)
  6. Auto Insurance
  7. Professional License issued by State of Florida
  8. CPR Certification (NOT ONLINE)
  9. Hepatitis B Vaccination Refusal
  10. Professional Liability Insurance - Must be the downloaded certificate of insurance that your agency provides at renewal. If you do not have liability insurance, go to:
  11. AHCA Affidavit - sign, date and return all pages
  12. TB or X-ray test results dated within last 6 mos.
  13. Health Statement (from any Dr. or Dentist seen within the last 6 months)
  14. NOTE: If Health Statement and TB test are dated 6 months to a year ago, some agencies will not accept. This will limit the number of visits available to you.
  15. I-9
  16. Job Description - return all pages
    OT: OT Job Description
    COTA: COTA Job Description
    PT: PT Job Description
    PTA: PTA Job Description
    ST: ST Job Description
  17. Direct Deposit Form
  18. Direct deposits are issued biweekly. There is a eleven day lapse between the end of the pay period and the direct deposit.

    (Additional agency-specific paperwork may be required)

    At the end of the week, you are to complete a therapist invoice ONLY for NON-DEVERO PATIENTS seen. Here is an example of a completed therapist invoice
    If you have any questions regarding completion of your employee file, please contact

    Dear Therapist,

    We have contracts with numerous Home Health Agencies throughout the State of Florida enabling us to give you patients in your chosen area. We only have 1099 contract positions. We offer complete training if you do not have experience in Home Health.

    To sign up you may email your resume to After a telephone interview you may be asked to complete the employee file requirements (see above). Once your file is complete, we will send you a contract. Once the contract is signed, you can set your area of coverage. Thereafter you are good to go!

    We will text or call you when we have a patient for you and inform you of the location of the patient (cross streets). If you accept, we will assign you to the patient’s chart in the electronic medical records (EMR). The therapy note can be completed in the patient’s home, if you have a laptop or tablet with internet connection in the field, or later from your desktop at home. You may take as many or as few patients as you like. Once you have accepted a patient, we do expect you to follow through until that patient is discharged.

    Reasons for signing up:

    • Short driving times! (we can have >25 agencies send you patients in your area)
    • No mandatory Start of Care OASIS
    • No meetings
    • We will train you
    • Choose where you want to work
    • Be your own Boss
    • Competitive rates