Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures - Rehab Action, Inc. Home Health Therapy

** All documentation must be completed within 12 hrs from visit time - no exceptions!

***Delayed invoices and/or incomplete notes will push your paycheck into the next pay cycle***

* You need to call the patient the day before to set up the visit

* If an evaluation is delayed or if PTAs/COTAs are faced with time sensitive info, you have to CALL the main office (or text/email) Suzy & notify the Home Health Agency, and document in the EMR. You cannot document in the EMR somewhere and expect us to catch time sensitive matters 'in time'.

* Evaluation frequencies need to be called in, texted or emailed to Suzy when you leave that patient's house.

* PTs & OTs should notify the PTA or COTA of SOC / Eval frequency or additional MD orders.

* PTAs/COTAs : If you do not see visits listed, please contact main office.

* Any change in patient status (fall, med change, not "feeling well", etc.) needs to be called into the office & to the case manager of the Home Health Agency and document who you spoke with.

* Hospitalization? Call or text : Why / Which hospital / When & Who notified you.

* PTAs / COTAs / ST: 10 days before the scheduled DC, you will have to let us know if the patient needs more therapy or will be discharged, and contact the PT or OT.

* NOMNC forms will have to be completed 2 days prior to DC & emailed to Suzy.

*Treatments should be scheduled early in the week to avoid missed visits.

* Missed visits should ONLY be written when a visit cannot be made up that week. When possible, a MD order needs to be written to make up any visits that were missed at the end of the frequency.

* All therapists should check into all EMR's for their scheduled appointments daily. Too many visits are missed / or unscheduled visits are made.....

* Invoices need to be emailed to rehabactioninc@gmail.com every Monday by 9 am for the previous week.

* HR update requests need to be attended to within 3 business days.

Main office : Ph: 727-848-0181

Fax: 727-232-0685

Suzy - 727-815-5654 - text only (Scheduling & Operations manager)


Lora Lee - 727-815-2295 (Payroll / IT / HR supervisor)


Thank you so much for your continued hard work and efforts of improvement.

We truly appreciate you being part of the Rehab Action family!