Our company Rehab Action, Inc.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement - Rehab Action, Inc. Home Health Therapy

We strive for every patient to reach their maximum rehab potential, gain independence and improving their quality of life within the comfort of their home. This is accomplished by employing only compassionate, honest, and reliable therapists to provide the highest quality of therapy services.

Our History

Gaspard de Laaf, PT, President
Rehab Action, Inc. was established in January 2004 by owner Gaspard de Laaf, PT.

On a business level, Rehab Action, Inc. has grown fast due to the quality service we provide in a timely manner to the agencies we contract with. Electronic therapy records are provided free of charge, and our office staff is dedicated to assist all levels of case management, HR, billing or IT needs.

On a corporate level, Rehab Action, Inc. has become a group of enthusiastic and successful professionals who have demonstrated the sincere heartfelt desire to help people even in the most adverse conditions.