Information for agencies

Information for agencies - Rehab Action, Inc. Home Health Therapy

Dear Administrator/DON:

The following is a brief description of how we operate:

  • Once we have a signed contract, a login ID and password will be issued to you so you may obtain a.o. Med Pass Electronic Health Records and therapists employee files. We will notify you within 90 minutes if we can staff a “New Patient”.
  • Our therapist will schedule the evaluation that same day or the following day. If the patient is not available within that time frame, your case manager will be notified, and the therapist will document necessities.
  • Your case manager will be notified of the evaluation date and frequency within 24 hours, as well as which therapist (PTA/COTA) will be following the patient for treatment. We will contact your case manager to inquire if a discipline or OASIS D/C is needed by the therapist after all treatments are completed.
  • With our web-based EMR system, you will have full transparency on visits made, missed visits, re-assessment data etc., as well as remaining frequencies for patients with a particular therapist.
  • A detailed invoice will be submitted to your agency on a weekly basis.
  • Rehab Action offers 9AM-5PM M-F administrative support at 727-848-0181.

The average experience amongst our therapists in Home Health is 5+ years.

Please review our Policies and Procedures page to view additional information.

We are confident that our team will be a valuable asset to your organization!

Please contact Gaspard de Laaf, PT, President at 727-207-8399, to discuss further details and so we can learn how to best meet your needs.