FAQ's - Rehab Action, Inc. Home Health Therapy

Q: What are your pay rates?
A: Pay rates are based upon experience and are on a fee-per-visit basis. All contract therapists will receive a 1099 for their tax filing purposes.

Q: Are PPE and mileage reimbursed?
A: All expenses incurred with patient treatment are included in the rate per visit.

Q: How do I sign up with Rehab Action, Inc?
A: Please see Info Therapists.

Q: When is a patient “Homebound”?
A: Definition of Homebound

Q: What benefits do you offer?
A: Training on Home Health Therapy practices, discounted continuing education seminars, coaching on becoming incorporated

Q: How will I get my patients?
A: Please see Info for Therapists

Q: How will I get my paycheck?
A: Please see Info for Therapists

Q: How do I become incorporated?
A: Go to www.sunbiz.org